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Simon Ball sballmada at googlemail.com
Sat Apr 4 14:08:19 CEST 2009

Hi List

I've been working with pix_multiblob to affect layers in 3D. I'm managing to
get an erratic signal from it, which from my point of view, represents great
success! ; )

However, there are few areas I am still confused about. First of all, I am
unsure of how to extract muliple co-ordinates from [pix_multiblob]. I
understand that the data from multiblob is collated within a matrix. I am
able to see this in the pd window when I print. However, I am unsure how to
use a matrix. Is there a certain object that I should be sending to from
[pix_multiblob]? And in turn, how would I convert the matrix into xy

In the archives I found a response to similar a question saying there was a
gem example with matrix and multiblob, but I can not seem to find it. Any
idea what and where this is?


I am trying to use the various xy co-ordinates to trigger animations.
However, I am unsure of how to animate with Pd. I noticed that [splinepath]
does something similar to what I am looking for. This seems to be based on
array's. However, looking at the help data for array's has not made it any
clearer. Is there a way of inputting a list of co-ordinates that act as a
path for an image to follow?

Hope thats not too many questions. And is it easier for the list if I divide
questions up (for archive purposes perhaps)?

Thanks in advance
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