[PD] timing issues in Windows Vista

Matteo Sisti Sette matteosistisette at gmail.com
Thu Apr 9 14:39:18 CEST 2009

Weird, weird weird, but solved it seems.

Roman Haefeli escribió:
> i think, the samplingrate, that pd thinks it is using and the one that
> it is actually using, are differnt. 
> try an [osc~ 440], it will sound like a d.

First I tried by using -noaudio and the timing issue disappeared, 
suggesting the diagnostic made by Roman was correct.

Then I switched to ASIO mode and the timing issue disappeared. I don't 
have absolute ear nor a diapason (nor any tuned musical instrument at 
home), but the tone in "test Audio and Midi" sounds exactly equal to the 
one in my older computer with XP which I know to be a reliable reference.

Also, with ASIO I was able to use the default 70ms latency settings 
without glitches, while in default MMIO mode I had to use 200ms or so.

Now the WEIRD WEIRD thing is that I switched back to MMIO mode, and now 
it still works fine, the timing is still correct.

I never made any "save all setting", so I restarted the computer 
(Windows Vista, the one previously presenting the issue), I opened PD 
with its default settings (MMIO) and opened the time test patch, changed 
only the latency setting to 200 in order to avoid glitches, and 
everything still works fine, with correct timing and correct pitch. Even 
changing sampling rate to different values, everything works as 
expected. In MMIO mode. And of course if I switch to ASIO it also works 
fine (and with lower latency).

I assure you that when I wrote I had tested the issue more than once and 
also after restarting the computer at least once.

I can only guess that the simultaneous use of some other application 
accessing the soundcard (IExplorer through Flash or Silverlight plugins, 
quicktime player, winamp, etc) may have messed something up, and 
probably even if I tested more than once even restarting the computer, I 
always had one of such applications running (often I listen to music or 
see stream TV programs and then leave winamp or the browser open and 
minimized and idle without closing it - bad habits).

So the problem seems gone and seems to be related to some sound card 
driver mess, possibly not related to any PD bug.

Thank Roman for the suggestions.


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