[PD] writing to iowarrior in pd

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Thu Apr 9 19:01:47 CEST 2009

hi list!

for a while now, i am trying to hook my iowarrior56 (from codemercs.com) up with pd, running on my OSX10.4. i have no problems with reading the state of the pins using the HID object in pd. but now i would like to reverse it (or: switching the pin-states on and off, controlled from pd to the iowarrior). but so far, i didnt succeed with that at all.

while looking on the internet for clues, i came across the same question in an old thread of this list. i have read that there's a possibility that there should be an external written for it. the sdk is released on the codemercs-site, and word on the streets tells me that it should be simple...but since i have practically zero experience with c-programming (or writing externals for pd for that matter), i have no clue to do that. 

therefor my question: could i just use the HID-object (but what should the arguments then be for writing the pins?), or maybe some other known object? (since this iowarrior is similar to the arduino series, maybe the
pduino-object could work. but then again, the arduino probably would use other arguments)

or, perhaps someone already wrote an external for it? 

thanks in advance!

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