[PD] Needed libs for extended on Linux

Alvaro alvaro at berlin.de
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you could get a list of dependencies by first installing the puredata package with synaptic and then looking in properties -> dependencies.

But then these dependencies have dependencies of their own and so on, so this is probably a neverending story.

If you are working offline, you could consider using a bootable cd with everything pre-installed, like puredyne:


Hope it helps.chao

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Sorry to bother you with this question but I'm really in a hurry.

I need to install pd-extended on a machine that doesn't have access to
internet, it is a machine in my university.

We installed Ubuntu Studio 8.04 on it and it's working fine.

I forced the installation with the deb package but I got some errors about
Gem and others externals not working because of some needed libs.

For tomorrow I need to work with all the audio objects so I was thinking
about downloading the deb packages for the needed libs in my house and
taking them in an Flash memory, but I'm not sure which packages do I really

I'll apreciate if you could help me.

Thank you very much in advance.

Nicanor Garc?a O.
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