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dmotd dmotd at gmx.net
Sat Apr 18 05:56:37 CEST 2009

hey frank..  

i was meaning to contact you a while ago about this.. i have 
previously built a hashing table for lists.. i have attached a 
package with the necessary abstractions, and a small help file.

i scratched this together quite quickly for a project deadline, i 
guess it shares some of the behaviour of zexy's msgfile, but it is 
by no means feature identical.

anyhow, i built this before i discovered your list-abs project, and 
as there would be a lot of shared behaviour between your 
abstractions and the ones i'm using internally here, it would 
probably benefit from having the internals ported across, and 
hopefully included within the list-abs toolset.

so perhaps you may be interested in a bit of a collaboration? this 
is not something i'm very precious about, but its something i get a 
fair bit of use out of and could definitely benefit from a bit of a 
clean up.

hope you're well :)


On Friday 17 April 2009 23:52:33 you wrote:
> Hallo,
> lsw hat gesagt: // lsw wrote:
> > Looks pretty useful. Also a great structures example.
> Btw.: To fill the symbolarray [list-enumerate] from [list]-abs is
> great.
> [symbolarray] also is pretty fast if you have to lookup something
> in large lists. I tested it with an arraysize of 100,000,000
> elements, which takes roughly 300 MB RAM according to my system
> monitor (with all elements except the last one empty).  Creating
> the array takes several seconds, but looking up the final element
> happens instantly afterwards.
> The other Pd-vanilla ways I know to implement this are
> textfile-dumps with "rewind"+[until] or [select]-constructs or
> [list-idx], which all are unusable with arrays of these sizes.
> And of course the patch can be modified to look up any kind of
> list whose structure is known.
> Now we still need maps/hashes.
> Ciao

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