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steve grealish stevegrealish at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 18:00:33 CEST 2009

Hi everyone. This is my first posting to the list. I'm pretty new to PD, but
I know Max/Msp pretty well. Sadly, my Max demo ran out and I don't have much
money, but thank goodness for PD. I was wondering if there exists a sort of
Max/PD lexicon that gives the name of certain objects in Max (like cycle~)
and the name of a similar or comparable object in PD (osc~). If not, I think
it would be a useful project for an experienced PD and Max user with some
free time. If anyone knows of such a thing or any other good online
documentation and resources it would be a huge help to me and probably many
others. I think this would be really helpful for popularizing the software.
I know a few Max users who don't want to get into PD because they don't want
to relearn a bunch of things. I'm specifically looking for PD versions of
groove~, gizmo~, degrade~, and filtergraph~. Also, If there is any sort of
autotune type patch or spectral delay or anything else thats really cool I
guess. Thanks,

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