[PD] abstraction help argument

Hans Roels hans.roels at versateladsl.be
Mon Apr 27 09:19:45 CEST 2009


If you open the help file of an abstraction and no help file is 
present, the abstraction itself is opened but without the arguments! 
Is there a good reason for this or is this a bug?
It seems more logical to me that the open function would be an 
identical substitute for the help function if there is no help 
file.  The present situation is quite confusing: I remember trying to 
debug an abstraction and realising (after a lot of time) that I 
wasn't working in the opened abstraction (with arguments) but in the 
opened abstraction as a help file (without arguments).

tested this behavior in pd vanilla and pd extended 0.40.3

Hans r

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