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Thu Jun 11 08:19:04 CEST 2009

well, your choises are huge ..

have a look on diy-audio and head-fi forums for discussions of different
options ..

if it's a totaly cheap mic - you can just plug it into
soundcards like soundblester ..

i myself have an alen&heath 14 desk (zed-14) ..
it's good for most of the stuff i do here at the moment.
i got a funny '70s AKAI mic which is good enuf to shout into
and make beatbox trought pd effects that i build.

but i'm planning to get a few SM-58's and some concer mic at some point
.. but now i haven't got cash for that.

you see ..i cannot recomend you a preamp to your mic cause it's to
complicated to answer such question - all depends how much cash you are
willing to invest ..

may be, if you are after a cheap&cheerful option you could look at some usb-mics ??

but yeah ..check out the two formus i meantioned,
they are populated by loats of decent audio gear diyers ;)

also sound-on-sound magazine may be ..for reviews on new gear.

but i have a feeling that a usb-mic is the right gadgd for you!

On Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 04:42:51PM -0400, mrz wrote:
> hei,
> I have a question not directly related to PD. But since this list is my
> favorite audio and device-hackers list I ask it here.
> (maybe you can refer me to a nice list about topics like that.)
> I have some microphones - a very cheap small microphone and a stereo mic-
> they work fine to record into my mp3-player.
> But I want to record directly with those mics into pd trough my soundcard
> (audio kontrol 1). And it's not amplified.
> How can i build a hardware amplifier for those mics- or buy something like
> that? any suggestions?
> (I prefer to buy something- since I have to hack allready a lot of other
> devices...)
> thanks for any hints
> cheers
> [moritz~]

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