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I use an AK1 myself.
It has two inputs channels, one with a mic preamp (and also 48V) built 
in it.

For your "cheap mic" (mono I suppose?) it is likely that all you need is 
an adapter to convert it to the relevant size... 1/4inch or XLR. Pop it 
into input channel 1 and select the input source to "MIC" using the 
front button.

If your "stereo mic" is one of those that are battery operated and has 1 
output connector, it is likely you will need a connector to split the 
output to feed the two inputs in front of the AK1.

And last, if your stereo mic is NOT battery operated, you will probably 
need at least one external mic preamp cause the AK1 has only one built in.

If you can send me a photo of the mic including the connectors, I maybe 
able to forward you to the necessary adapters.

> hei,
> I have a question not directly related to PD. But since this list is my 
> favorite audio and device-hackers list I ask it here.
> (maybe you can refer me to a nice list about topics like that.)
> I have some microphones - a very cheap small microphone and a stereo 
> mic- they work fine to record into my mp3-player.
> But I want to record directly with those mics into pd trough my 
> soundcard (audio kontrol 1). And it's not amplified.
> How can i build a hardware amplifier for those mics- or buy something 
> like that? any suggestions?
> (I prefer to buy something- since I have to hack allready a lot of other 
> devices...)
> thanks for any hints
> cheers
> [moritz~]
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