[PD] Pure Data project needs feedback

Lau Llobet socunasindria at gmail.com
Fri Jun 12 16:01:45 CEST 2009

Hello !

I've developed a PD application that picks beats and launch them one after
the other, the nice thing of it is that you can tell it's length and it will
be stretched with WSOLA timestretch algorithm.

By using simple commands over TCP/IP or Pure data inlet you can control it
and in example you can make it shincronize with an external beat or change
the track which is being played.

The purpose of the project is to sonificate video games, interactive
installations and so...

Now i need some users to read it's manual and tell if it looks easy or not
to use it.
I've also prepared several tests in order to evaluate the experience of the
user , form reading the manual to using the application.

Please send this mail to all the interested pepole you may think off.

the manual:


here are the tests:



here is the software:


Thank you all !

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