[PD] Request advice on anti-aliasing of simple geos like circle

cyrille henry cyrille.henry at la-kitchen.fr
Sat Jun 13 10:29:31 CEST 2009

to have antialiasing, you have to send a FSAA message the the gemwin before the windows creation.

FSAA 2, FSAA 4 or FSAA 5 : the number depend on your hardware / drivers.

see gemwin help.


Darren Kelly a écrit :
> Hi PD,
> When I use the [circle] geo, even with significant [width 10(,
> I get pretty rough edges and aliasing artifacts:
>  http://www.webel.com.au/gem/GEM_circles_width_10_no_antialias.png
> I tried making a "disc circle" with filled outer coloured circle and
> filled inner black circle
> (slightly higher in Z to make sure it covers the outer disc ok), but
> it's still a bit rough:
>  http://www.webel.com.au/gem/GEM_disc_circle_no_antialiasing.png
> I Googled and looked in the manuals and even tried to grep the word 'alias'
> for all pd files in PD-extended and found nothing on antialiasing geos.
> Glad for any help, and please forgive if I've overlooked the obvious,
> regards,
> Darren

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