[PD] K8061 USB interface board in PD on Mac

Wilfred de Zoete puredata at klankontwerp.nl
Tue Jun 16 13:02:15 CEST 2009

Martin Peach schreef:
> I found this googling "K8061 protocol", it seems to be source code for 
> a linux driver for the K8061:
> http://doip.laupro.nl/browser/doip/k8061/trunk/k8061.c?rev=109
> Maybe it could be ported to Mac?
I saw that one too and was thinking about setting up a Linux distro in 
Virtualbox to try it. The key question for me would remain if that app 
can communicate real time with PD to use the K8061 as controller.
> Anyhow, it's not just a serial interface like Arduino uses.
Correct, it's a bit more advanced and has nice features that in 
potential can be very powerful... If one can program :P
>> the dll does all the communication with the card. the pd object, or 
>> whatever program, uses commands provided by the dll.
I have read the instructions and the codes of the K8061. Since your 
external is just a dll if I am right, I will try to explore the 
possibilities to rewrite it for the 8061.
I have no knowledge about writing dlls but am a fast learner so I'll 
take up that challenge.
>> i further think, that when using a virtual os like virtual box or 
>> wine, the communication with hardware is handled by the host os. 
>> correct me if i'm wrong.
The OS on virtualbox can communicate directly with the installed USB bus.
>> my humble suggestion, if asked for, was: why not use an arduino? or 
>> modify some joystick to your needs and use 'hid'?
I started out with Joysticks and HID in conjunction with USB Overdrive 
and such but I just want more ins AND outs, analog AND digital. Arduino 
seems okay but limited as well.

So the first thing I will explore now is rewriting the dll and testing 
it on my virtual windows machines (XP and Win7).



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