[PD] Re : Split multichannel audio file into stereo pairs

Peter Plessas plessas at mur.at
Wed Jun 17 02:57:31 CEST 2009

IOhannes m zmölnig wrote:
> dwanafite wrote:
>> Hi
>> You could use [readsf~ 12] to read your file and then several 
>> [writesf~ 2] to record, but i guess you want something faster...
> in 0.42 you can use batchmode to do "immediate" (faster-than realtime) 
> processing. in older versions you can just use upsampling to speed up 
> the process.

If you are on a Linux box you can use sox:
 > sox infile_multichannel.wav outfile_ch1.wav remix 1
 > sox infile_multichannel.wav outfile_ch2.wav remix 2

If you are not on a Linux box, try using one instead :-)

mfg, PP

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