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Hmm, this could make for a fun Pd object, so you could control the Pd  
icon from Pd.


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> I'm pleased to announce the release of Tkdock 1.0.
> The tkdock package is a small, Cocoa-based Tcl extension that allows a
> Tcl/Tk application to change its icon on the OS X Dock while running.
> This can be useful for indicating changes in application state, for
> instance that the application is executing a long-running process,
> connecting to a server, or similar activities.
> Using the Tkdock Package
> Tkdock is invoked by calling package require tkdock. It implements two
> commands:
> ::tkdock::switchIcon /path/to/icon: This command switches the
> application's Dock icon while the application is running, and takes a
> path to an image as an argument. Any image format supported on Mac  
> OS X
> should work, but Apple's native "icns" icon format (at 128x128 pixels)
> appears to provide the sharpest results.
> ::tkdock::origIcon: This command restores the original application  
> icon.
> Installing Tkdock
> Because it calls into the Mac's native Cocoa frameworks, tkdock is a
> binary extension (shipped as a .dylib). The universal binary package  
> was
> built against Tcl/Tk 8.5.3 on Mac OS X 10.5.6 and should run on both
> Intel and PPC systems. The source code comes with a makefile if you  
> want
> to build the extension yourself. Tkdock is available under the  
> standard
> Tcl/Tk BSD-style license.
> Tkdock can be downloaded at
> http://www.codebykevin.com/opensource/oss.html. Many thanks to Daniel
> Steffen for his advice.
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