[PD] gem and double buffer

Jack jack at rybn.org
Sat Jun 20 21:11:08 CEST 2009

Le 20 juin 09 à 20:44, cyrille henry a écrit :

> Jack a écrit :
> ...
>> It's OK with Ubuntu 9.04 and Pd cersion 0.41.4-extended and GEM  
>> ver: 0.92.CVS, there is no blur.
> I asume your using a very recent nvidia driver.
>> However, i have a strange behaviour with Ubuntu/Pd/GEM with  
>> [pix_snap2tex] when i use 1024x768, my circle centers should be on  
>> the same horizontal line but this not the case.
>> Here two screen captures of the same patch : one under MacOSX, the  
>> other under Ubuntu.
>> Any idea about this strange behaviour under Ubuntu ?
> yes : the GEM windows you create is not 1024x768, because your  
> screen is too small. it is certainly resized by the windows  
> manager, so Gem did not know it's real size.
> perspect is not what expected, so everything is wrong...
OK, good to know, thanx. Is there a way to force something like a  
'noresize' of the GEM window (maybe with windows manager) ?
>> To finish, there is no problem when i work with 800x600 !
> yep, because it feet in the screen.
> 1024x768 will also work if you create it with "border 0"
Ok, i understand now.


> c

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