[PD] partconv~ at startup problem

Mitchell Turner mmturner at mindspring.com
Mon Jun 22 19:04:58 CEST 2009

Dear all,
I am having a small problem with partconv~.

When I start a patch that contains partconv~, the partconv~ object  
will not create (the object looks like a red-dashed box -- I'm using  
Pd-extended (0.41.4), Mac OS 10.5.7 on a MacBookPro).

As soon as I open the help file for partconv~, however, the partconv~  
object will create.

So at this point, the only solution is to open Pd, then open the  
partconv~ help file, then open my patch containing the partconv~  
object.  This does not seem correct to me but, I am not sure how to  
fix it.

Thanks for your time,

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