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matohawk matohawk at gmail.com
Wed Jun 24 12:19:12 CEST 2009

Hello Pd-user,

We are Thomas Thiery and Pierce Warnecke and we are coming to Berlin in 
september (3 - 7) for gigs and for the project Blank Pages.

We have a projet called Blank Pages (see bellow for details) and we 
would like to organize a session on sunday the 6 of september in Berlin. 
We are looking for a place in Berlin and once thats done we'll recruit 
participants. If you are interested by the project and think you can 
spare some time/info to help us to find a place that would really be great.

Thanks in advance!

For more information :
www.blankpages.fr <http://www.blankpages.fr>

  The project, "Blank Pages" or "Pages Blanches"

This project is based on a score that leads to the meeting and the 
improvisation of musicians, video artists and programmers (Max/MSP, 

The "Blank pages" score, describes the situation in 4 points: 1- Each 
participant has to use one of the two programming language written by 
Miller Puckette, Pure Data or Max/MSP. 2- The session length is fixed to 
60 min. 3- Participants need to start a session with an empty 
programming page. 4- It is strictly forbidden to load or recall any 
program during the session.

Each participant has a computer and one of the mentioned applications, 
and elaborates a program that will make sound and/or video. Max/MSP and 
Pure Data programming languages permit to write and modify applications 
in a live situation, while continuing to work on the application itself, 
therefore one can code and immediately listen to this code result. There 
are no links between the computers, the participants have to listen and 
watch the others in order to play together. With the score and the four 
instructions, the listening is stimulated, and the quality of the 
audio-visual production becomes everyone's responsibility.

Cheers Thomas and Pierce

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