[PD] [PD-announce] Tutorial: Drum pattern editing in Pd using the rj library

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Thu Jun 25 09:44:18 CEST 2009

Rich E hat gesagt: // Rich E wrote:

> Ah nice, especially for throwing that together live.  Thanks for the
> tutorial!
> Not to be too much of a critic on a good tutorial, but... it is quite static
> though, for the flexibility of pd, don't you think?  Limiting all the
> rhythms to 32nd notes.  Frank, I would love to see your approach to creating
> a more 'dynamic' drum sequencer.  I have tried a couple times now and my
> current one got too complicated quite fast.  Yet, I see it as the main
> benefit for using pd for sequencing over other midi sequencers - there is no
> limit for beat segmentations. 

The g_pattern32 object was designed with traditional
pop/rock/dance/house/hihop/whatever music in mind. (Btw. the latest version
added to the RjDj svn now includes a tiny bit of keyboard support: press "t"
for toggling a step during the first second after selecting it.)

But in the end it's just a little sugar coating for a Pd array hopefully making
editing arrays graphically a bit less painful but still fast. The table itself
can be used as source material for other tasks as well, e.g.  as a probability
table etc. 

It would be possible to make a variation of the object where you can resize the
array dynamically, use a number box to select steps to edit etc., but as you
have seen yourself: It becomes complicated quite fast, which may be a sign that
there is no good general approach to editing free form table data and that it
may be better to do that in external software like a midi file editor or a
spreadsheet. Or that editing it is wrong altogether and instead some
algorithmic procedure should be used ...


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