[PD] Does a function like [gate] exist for audio signals?

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Jun 25 10:08:29 CEST 2009

Gabriel Vinazza wrote:
> Thanks a lot lOhannes !!
> I wish there was any help or list about ALL the objects availables...

ah, and i wish there was a list of ALL people on the world...

you can get a list of pretty _all_ Pd-vanilla objects by right-clicking 
on an empty canvas and selecting "help".

however, Pd is a dynamic growing system. even while projects like 
Pd-extended try to catch a good number of portable and working "objects" 
available in the wild, it has no real control over the actual objects.
if devA decides to add [aobject] it will just show up in the next 
Pd-extended release without anybody in charge of Pd-extended noticing 
(this is a good thing); likewise if devB removed [bobject], it will just 
be gone with anybody noticing it. this makes it very hard to compile a 
list of all objects in Pd-extended manually (though there are such 
projects like the one mentioned by derek or pdpedia)
one could generate a list of these objects automatically, but usually 
this wouldn't help you su much (imagine you knew that there exists an 
object named [morzelpronk]; but what would it do?)

> because Pd shows only the most commons on the Help section.

luckily [*~] is a very common object, so you could have know about it :-)

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