[PD] encoding tif sequence (GEM pix_write) on linux

CICCOLIX ciccolix at tiscalinet.it
Thu Jun 25 13:01:05 CEST 2009

I tried different solution to create movies from Gem generated tif 
The simplest way i found is based on use of the "transcode" command line 

I would like to share my notes, some command line, to help (maybe) others.

Encode with "transcode" (a linux commandline tool) a tif sequence 
generated from GEM [pix_write]

1) set pix_write to put all tif (max quality) in a folder and start record

|file ./myfolder/mybasename 00(

2) close pd
3) open a terminal, cd in the folder and create a textfile with the list 
of tif

cd myfolder
find . -type f -name '*.tif' | sort > filelist

4) encode with "transcode": some setting:

- using ffmpeg with mjpeg compression (loss result)

transcode --use_rgb -i filelist  -y ffmpeg=RGB,null -F mjpeg  -o 
od_ffmpeg_mjpeg_25fk.mov --export_fps 25,3 -z -g 720x576 -x 
imlist=RGB,null --hard_fps -k

- using the same compression invoking quicktime for linux (same result)

transcode  -i filelist  -y mov=RGB,null -F ffmpeg_mjpg  -o 
od_mov_ffmpeg_mjpg.mov --export_fps 25,3 -g 720x576 -x imlist=RGB,null 
--hard_fps --use_rgb

- the same but dv compression (better result)

transcode  -i filelist  -y mov=RGB,null -F ffmpeg_dv_pal  -o 
od_mov_ffmpeg_pal.mov --export_fps 25,3 -g 720x576 -x imlist=RGB,null 
--hard_fps --use_rgb

- compression dv (no ffmpeg)

transcode  -i filelist  -y mov=RGB,null -F dv_pal  -o od_mov_dv_pal.mov 
--export_fps 25,3 -g 720x576 -x imlist=RGB,null --hard_fps --use_rgb

- compressiond dv (without qt)

transcode  -i filelist  -y dv=RGB,null  -o od_dv.mov --export_fps 25,3 
-g 720x576 -x imlist=RGB,null --hard_fps --use_rgb

- xvid compression (default xvid settings)

transcode  -i filelist  -y xvid4=RGB,null  -o od_xvid.mov --export_fps 
25,3 -g 720x576 -x imlist=RGB,null --hard_fps --use_rgb -k

Note: some command line require the -k option that swap the rgb value, 
some others require the -z option that flip the result

hope help

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