[PD] encoding tif sequence (GEM pix_write) on linux

Claude Heiland-Allen claudiusmaximus at goto10.org
Thu Jun 25 14:08:53 CEST 2009

 > Hi,
 > I tried different solution to create movies from Gem generated tif
 > sequences.


Here's my post-render workflow:

input: rec/*.tif rec.wav

phase0: convert to png
   mkdir png
   cd rec
   find -iname "*.tif" -exec convert {} ../png/{}.png \;
   cd ..

phase1: lofi ogg
   ffmpeg2theora -p videobin -f image2 png/%08d.tif.png -o rec-v-ld.ogg
   oggenc -b 96 -o rec-a-ld.ogg rec.wav
   oggz-merge -o rec-ld.ogg rec-v-ld.ogg rec-a-ld.ogg

phase2: hifi ogg
   ffmpeg2theora -f image2 png/%08d.tif.png -o rec-v-hd.ogg
   oggenc -b 192 -o rec-a-hd.ogg rec.wav
   oggz-merge -o rec-hd.ogg rec-v-hd.ogg rec-a-hd.ogg

phase3: dvd mpeg
   ffmpeg -f image2 -i png/%08d.tif.png \
     -pix_fmt yuv444p -f yuv4mpegpipe - |
   y4mscaler -I sar=1/1 -I bg=RGB:255,255,255 \
     -O preset=dvd_wide -O bg=RGB:255,255,255 |
   mpeg2enc -f 8 -q 2 -b 8000 -o rec-v-dvd.m2v
   twolame -b 224 rec.wav rec-a-dvd.mp2
   mplex -f 8 -V -o rec-dvd.mpeg rec-v-dvd.m2v rec-a-dvd.mp2

phase4: lossless archive
   tar --create --owner=0 --group=0 --gzip --file png.tar.gz png/
   flac --best --verify rec.wav

   /usr/bin/oggz-merge used to be called /usr/bin/oggzmerge
   ffmpeg* probably supports tif directly, maybe it'd be quicker...


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