[PD] Ambi_en-decode

Fabio Kaiser fabio_kaiser at gmx.at
Sun Jun 28 15:00:56 CEST 2009

I'm trying to get a 2D, 2nd order ambisonics system to run using 
ambi_encode and ambi_decode.
The results I become seem to be faulty.

Am I right when I put the encoder result in a matrix (vector), multiply 
it with the decoder matrix?
Like, p=C*B
where p is the weighting of each loudspeaker for a particular position, 
C the decoder matrix
and B the Spherical Harmonics matrix (vector).
And then multiply the signal with each value of p to get the loudspeaker 

Results seem to be right for positions, which are the same as the 
loudspeaker positons.
But for positions in between I get something not comprehensible.

Maybe you can help me!
my patch is attached.




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