[PD] [GEM] ps3eye camera on linux / OSX?

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Jun 30 20:00:23 CEST 2009

Jaime Oliver wrote:
> Hi Iohannes,
> this is Hans's reply:
>> FC8 is end of life, and never had libv4l, may I suggest
>> upgrading to a newer Fedora?


> So first, do you think it is actually possible?

i really don't know.
but usually things are lot easier than one would expect...

> On the other hand, I have no problem attempting to compile it, but I am not
> familiar with the logic behind devel libraries, what would be the source I
> would need to compile from? I had thought all this time that devel libraries
> were essentially headers and the like and didn't require compilation....

yes, but there are no devel-packages for fc8, are there?

so: libXXX and libXXX-devel packages are built from "sources"
your distro might provide these sources as a source-package (e.g. 
libXXX.rpms) or not; but the original authors might/will provide their 
sources as well.
e.g. you can get libv4l from hans's site, e.g. 

grab this package; untar it; read the README.txt/INSTALL.txt or whatever 
doc applies);
then do something like
% ./configure
% make
# make install

and you should have libv4l installed into /usr/local/, effectively 
bypassing your package-manager.

you might need to install other packages in order for this to work, but 
i am not familiar with fc (and even less with fc8).
you might be totally out of luck, and it won't build for your 
distro/version. in this case you might have to upgrade to a newer fc.

but you might as well have luck and it works...

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