[PD] portaudio compatibility with some ASIO drivers (Windows only)

Stefano Papetti stefano.papetti at univr.it
Tue Jun 30 20:53:36 CEST 2009


I noticed that pd (at least recent versions of both vanilla and 
extended) and other portaudio-based applications (e.g. Audacity) don't 
see some ASIO drivers: namely, the RME Fireface 800 and REAPER's 
ReaRoute ASIO drivers.

I found several posts in different forums around about both issues, and 
I've drawn the following conclusions:
- the RME ASIO driver simply doesn't work, and nobody actually knows 
why... However some people report to get ultra-low latencies (3ms) with 
the MMIO drivers. Moreover, even with the MMIO driver they can use the 
multi-channel capability of the RME only when set at 48000 Hz (but this 
is another story...). I will ask RME directly about these issues.
- the ReaRoute ASIO driver is blacklisted by portaudio (as of v19) and 
therefore discarded...
The latter is my most urgent problem because I need to route audio from 
pd to REAPER with the lowest possible latency/cpu load.
Please help!

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