[PD] Sysex out problems (linux only)

András Murányi muranyia at gmail.com
Wed Jul 8 02:59:34 CEST 2009

2009/7/8 Alex <x37v.alex at gmail.com>

> It looks like you may experiencing another thing that i've complained
> about... pd's alsa midi connects to all MIDI inputs and outputs that
> it can.. this includes alsa's MIDI through.. so everything that you
> send out gets echoed back into the input.. SUPER annoying.
> run aconnect [or easier, though not great, aconnectgui] and see if
> that is the case for you.. disconnect pd from the alsa through port.

I've checked and it's ok. Right now have the output looped back with a cable
but it only comes back once.

> > This makes me think I'm trying to send too much data in too short
> > intervals...? Is there a handy way to limit the density of my output? (i
> > think its not not [drip] as it has to stay realtime)

What about dropping some data before making up / sending out the sysex? My
best guess was storing into [float] and firing it with [metro] or [pulse] at
a constant, decent rate.

Muranyi Andras
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