[PD] Pd Tutorial redesigned

Jonathan Wilkes jancsika at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 11 20:03:20 CEST 2009

> b/ i think tutorials are basically producing people
> making the same kind of music and/or visuals,
> every library has its own help,
> why would you need to be guided from A to Z?
> result would be just another clone,
> like people learning to play guitar
> playing beatle's songs...
> not what i'm interested in,,,

What produces people making the same kind of music and/or visuals happens 
long before someone starts reading a tutorial on pd.

Speaking of clones- the idea that one could reject "learning to play 
guitar playing beatles songs" as a general, undesirable act of conformity 
is nonsense.  Learning music has a variety of meanings and 
functions depending on the culture, or even circumstances, like someone  
retraining their motor and memory skills after an accident.

The question is how have you, like so many, overlooked 
the entire field of ethnomusicology and made a statement that apparently 
reduces music to a simplistic division between the mindless and the 

Maybe you read a high modernist tutorial somewhere?



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