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Simon Ball sballmada at googlemail.com
Sun Jul 12 18:20:06 CEST 2009

Hi List

I am having trouble with an installation. I am projecting a project that
uses motion tracking and animation in GEM.

After a period of time (minimum 1hrs. max 3hrs.) the program crashes. There
is no error message and the program just disappears. This has happened when
people have been in the room and when people have not been in the room. The
patch creates abstractions that generate the animations when movement is
detected. I have attached the patch but not all of the source files.

The project is running on a apple G5. OSX not sure which version (rather
stupidly, cannot find out until tomorrow, sorry).

This maybe a CPU issue, does anyone know how I can read the CPU usage?
Having said that, if the project crashes even when no movement is detected.
I appreciate that this issue could be caused by a number of things but if
anyone has any suggestions I could try, they would be much appreciated.

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