[PD] help needed: broadcast mode netsend(~) over UDP (from Mac OSX)

Nicholas Mariette nicholas.mariette at limsi.fr
Wed Jul 15 17:40:53 CEST 2009


Can anyone advise on whether it's possible to do UDP broadcast (e.g.  
to or more limited IP ranges) from netsend~ (by Olaf  
Matthes), or even netsend or other network objects?

I've tried this and have not had any luck.
I get this error:
"connecting stream socket: Permission denied (13)"

I then looked at the code of netsend~.
I'm using an updated version available (with source) at:

After some googling around about the (13) error, I tried setting  
SO_BROADCAST, which it seems might be necessary to enable broadcast  
This didn't help - I still get the permission denied message.

I have then tried several other network objects, like netsend (control  
data version), and have had no luck.
If I could get any of these going in broadcast mode, I might be able  
to modify code to make something work.

I've found some Pd list posts about broadcast working, but haven't  
been able to duplicate these results.

I've been working on a simple 192.168.x.x network between 2 computers,  
with direct message sending working without problems.

I think I'm stuck for further ideas to get broadcast working...

Can anyone suggest a solution - or even a next move?!


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