[PD] help needed: broadcast mode netsend(~) over UDP (from Mac OSX)

Nicholas Mariette nicholas.mariette at limsi.fr
Wed Jul 15 17:43:33 CEST 2009

Here's a link to that thread about the SO_BROADCAST option...

On Jul 15, 2009, at 5:40 PM, Nicholas Mariette wrote:

> hi,
> Can anyone advise on whether it's possible to do UDP broadcast (e.g.  
> to or more limited IP ranges) from netsend~ (by Olaf  
> Matthes), or even netsend or other network objects?
> I've tried this and have not had any luck.
> I get this error:
> "connecting stream socket: Permission denied (13)"
> I then looked at the code of netsend~.
> I'm using an updated version available (with source) at:
> http://www.remu.fr/sound-delta/netsend~/
> After some googling around about the (13) error, I tried setting  
> SO_BROADCAST, which it seems might be necessary to enable broadcast  
> mode.
> This didn't help - I still get the permission denied message.
> I have then tried several other network objects, like netsend  
> (control data version), and have had no luck.
> If I could get any of these going in broadcast mode, I might be able  
> to modify code to make something work.
> I've found some Pd list posts about broadcast working, but haven't  
> been able to duplicate these results.
> e.g.
> http://markmail.org/thread/6bjcfzblukbynchp
> I've been working on a simple 192.168.x.x network between 2  
> computers, with direct message sending working without problems.
> I think I'm stuck for further ideas to get broadcast working...
> Can anyone suggest a solution - or even a next move?!
> cheers
> Nick

Nicholas Mariette

Audio and Acoustics group
LIMSI-CNRS, Orsay, France
nicholas.mariette at limsi.fr

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