[PD] image sonification pointers

Shawn Greenlee seg at 02909.com
Thu Jul 16 20:10:55 CEST 2009

hey there.  forgive me a bit as I acclimate (long time MaxMSP user  
working in Pd).

In Max (Jitter) I've built a lot around jit.peek~
Often this involves reading a one plane matrix at points specified by  
two signal inputs.  The matrix is a still image or video.  One input  
signal species which row, the other input signal specifies which  
column and out comes an appropriate signal value.

I see that in GEM there are pix_pix2sigs~  and pix_sig2pix~ which on  
first glance look promising.


1.  Any pointers out there for treating image as sound in Pd,  
specifically looking at sonification (not visualization or  
simultaneous audio-visual synthesis)?

2.  Any uses of pix_pix2sig~   or pix_sig2pix~ which I should look at  
beyond the help files?

3.  Any strategies for treating each column of an image as an array  
(i. e. the array contents update based on which column of an image is  

4.  Do I need something else beyond the current Pd-extended (like  

Thanks! and all best,

seg at 02909.com	

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