[PD] settings for Pure Data broken?

Martin Schied crinimal at gmx.net
Sat Jul 18 01:21:12 CEST 2009


Did you already try different realtime settings?

I usually start jack by

-jackd -R -P 20 -d alsa  (and optional flags)

where R stands for Realtime priority and P 20 sets the Priority to 20 
(can have a value from 0 to 99, the higher the value the more priority 
jack gets. jack's priority should be higher than connected client's 

this solved my DIO Problems on almost all computers I worked on.


Kaj Ailomaa wrote:
> I've been using Pure Data with planetccrma for a little while now, and
> I've tried out fc9, fc10 and Centos 5.3 as platforms. I have had some
> similar problems on all of them, except I got PD working completely
> without DIO-errors only on Centos.
> At first this led me to believe it had something to do with Pulseaudio,
> since Centos comes without it. Now, after experimenting more with the
> settings for PD I am more inclined to believe it is a problem with PD.
> These are the problems I've had:
> 1. Connections to jack does not start automaticly. (solved)
> First I used different combinations of these flags while launching the
> program: -jack -channels 8 -r 48000 -blocksize 256.
> (I am not sure if any of them really do anything for the audio
> connection, except -jack, since the specific audio settings are done in
> Jack internally. I have noticed that the latency for midi will only sync
> with the latency for audio if I use the flag for -blocksize with a
> matching value to that used in Jack settings, in my case 256.)
> The flags did not work well, or at all. On Fedora, my system would
> sometimes become almost completely frozen if the auto-connection worked.
> Massive DIO-errors. On Centos, PD would simply not connect. I had to do
> it manually in the menu each time.
> Then I started messing with .pdsettings, found in the users home
> directory. I got PD to autoconnect to jack, without any flags. These
> were the settings I had to add/change:
> audioapi: 5 (unchanged)
> noaudioin: False (this was set to TRUE) 
> audioindev1: 2 (added this line)
> noaudioout: False (this was set to TRUE)
> audiooutdev: 2 (added this line)
> audiobuf: 10 (changed it to 10, originally 50)
> rate: 48000 (and this was 44100)
> ...
> flags : (made sure to leave this blank since the flags seemed not to
> work from here. Not even the -rt flag.)
> So by including this in the .pdsettings file,
> and adding these flags to the launcher command path: -rt -alsamidi
> I now have a functional Pure Data on my CentOS.
> (remains to be seen it the same goes for Fedora).
> 2. Loading extra library is tricky
> Lately I have needed to use only one external library, namely ext13. So,
> I have only installed PD (0.39-3extended-rc5) + this library.
> It loads fine, but I am initially unable to use 'r13' (alias
> 'receive13').
> The way I go about it is I make another object called 'send13' (included
> in the same library), which works fine.
> Then I retry making one named 'r13' or 'receive13'.
> Sometimes I have to repeat this order of execution until I get 'r13' to
> initialize properly, after which it seems to work for the rest of the
> session.
> This is a little annoying, of course.
> Anyone know what this is about?
> And if anyone has any insight to the problems with .pdsettings, please
> tell...
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