[PD] video interviews from Montreal online

Greg Pond gregpond at gmail.com
Sat Jul 18 15:54:51 CEST 2009

I finally made arrangements to edit and post most of the interviews
Kevin and I collected in Montreal and elsewhere through my
university's webiste.  These include Miller, Hans, Chun, Bouchard,
Roman, and Frank. Selecting one of the names will produce a menu of
short videos on specific topics.


There are interviews from Yves and Alejandre, documentation of
performances and artworks from Montreal as well as interviews with
Claude and Ed from Janualry 2008 in London yet to edit and post. Some
of that may be available Monday or Tuesday next week.

I only conducted a few interviews in Montreal so this documentation is
in no way comprehensive but is hopefully useful for teaching and
thinking about where PD has been and where it is going.

some of the videos may take a few minutes to load and I am probably
going to relocate the videos to another site sometime in the future

sorry it took so long to get this much of it done. feedback is
welcome- I am currently away from home with limited e-mail this week.



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