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Lao Yu noise.now at gmail.com
Sun Jul 19 15:46:53 CEST 2009

On Jul 18, 2009, at 5:47 PM, Jaime Oliver wrote:

I use pd/gem in fedora without any problems whatsoever. Right now I  
just installed fedora 11 and it works perfect.

no problems in fedora? - you are lucky. Of course it would require  
more details as to how you achieved the 'no problem' state. From what  
I find on the various newsgroups that only those guys who have a  
serious proficiency in Linux reach that state. By proficiency I mean  
the capability to make oneself installers form source files, know 'by  
heart' all the different abbreviations used in terminal mode...

The problems that made me put down Fedora was

- no sound except PA playing back various types of system audio in  
mono through the inbuilt hardware (vlc, mp3 and all that stuff)
- qcackctl crashes always
- installing pd doesn't create an executable file that I would find
- F10 recognizes my interface and thanks to the tremendous help of  
the driver maintainer (Florian Faber) I am sure that it works however  
there is no way that I found to use it under any application.

In sum, I still look at my F10 partition at times but I'm waiting for  
the upgrades of other Linux installations which focus on sound /  
media that I just became aware of :

- 64studio : jack works out of the box, but other stuff is bad  
(monitor for example) - from a live CD boot
- AVLinux which is also about to upgrade - from the live CD at least  
Jack and other audio stuff was working out of the box.

Fedora? I'm not so sure anymore but these 2 distros look promising.

There is a good list here:



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