[PD] Stereo simulation of multichannel audio [ot?]

João Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Mon Jul 20 15:30:20 CEST 2009


my laptop trio Endphase (http://www.endphase.net/) is going to work out
our archived recordings, so that we get decent stereo versions to spread
around. Since many of them are multichannel (from 4 to 8) in different
setups (not necessarily only 2d around the audience), we'll be searching
for efficient ways to try to "convert" the original audio to stereo. That
is, having a good as possible compromise between both situations, knowing
that a 100% simulation is impossible.

This is a field that I don't know that well, and we're still in the
beginning of the work. Does anyone has any suggestions to which approaches
are best? Ambisonics, phase inversion, hrtf, home medicine? Are any of
these also available through Pd? (it would be nice to mix/spacialize the
materials in Pd)


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