[PD] Stereo simulation of multichannel audio [ot?]

Nicholas Mariette nicholas.mariette at limsi.fr
Mon Jul 20 16:11:50 CEST 2009

On Jul 20, 2009, at 4:07 PM, João Pais wrote:

>> It sounds like you need a stereo auralization of various  
>> multichannel diffusion pieces.
> if that's the official name for it, yes, right.

Not sure about being "official" but Auralization is at least a term  
used in academic discussion and acoustics consultation for some years  
(maybe 15-20 years at least now?), meaning the scientific simulation  
of sound sources in real space with real acoustics.

e.g. see:

where you can find some publications, also some software and other  

... that said, in audio engineering, it'd be a down-mix that you're  
after - and that can be done however you feel like it!


>> Either way there are still various (essentially aesthetic/artistic)  
>> decisions to make about the specification of the auralization.
>> So you might find that the best results for generalised playback  
>> (headphone or speakers), is just to make aesthetic decisions and do  
>> a multichannel downmix.
>> At any rate, if you want to explore ambisonic and/or binaural down- 
>> mixes, the IEM tools for doing this are all in Pd extended.
> I should had said before: it would be good if the codings would be  
> suitable for as many playback situations as possible, as they would  
> also be heard in that way (cd, radio, stream, headphones, ...). But  
> if for example the headphone version is particularly good, we might  
> think about doing a version for it.
> Also some words about the movements, which I didn't say first: there  
> are several types of movements (each performance is different),  
> sometimes circles, sometimes irregular ones, sometimes (very) slow,  
> sometimes fast, ... They're not indispensable to the rest of the  
> musical discourse going on, but they integrate with it [so we  
> think]. So it would be nice to have at least an impression of the  
> space, as it won't be *that* precise.
> Thanks for your suggestions, I'll look into them later.

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