[PD] video interviews from Montreal online

Jason Plumb jason at noisybox.net
Wed Jul 22 09:58:30 CEST 2009

Greg Pond wrote:
 > I finally made arrangements to edit and post most of the interviews
 > Kevin and I collected in Montreal and elsewhere through my
 > university's webiste.  These include Miller, Hans, Chun, Bouchard,
 > Roman, and Frank. Selecting one of the names will produce a menu of
 > short videos on specific topics.
 > http://www.sewanee.edu/pd

These are great!  As others have pointed out, a good codec would be 
helpful here...and so I've taken it upon myself to help the community by 
transcoding these.  I've got them all downloaded and encoded to h.264, 
bringing the 14GB of original data down to about 1.2GB with comparable 

I'd love to just torrent this for the community to share, but I noticed 
that several of the files don't seem to have audio!  Can somebody else 
please confirm/deny that the following files don't have audible streams:


(Interestingly enough, I can't hear any of Roman's audio, and Mathieu's 
first clip is fine).

I'd prefer to treat the whole thing as a single set/torrent and let 
users pick/choose what they want....but I'm open to the idea of separate 
torrents per speaker.  Thoughts?

 > There are interviews from Yves and Alejandre, documentation of
 > performances and artworks from Montreal as well as interviews with
 > Claude and Ed from Janualry 2008 in London yet to edit and post. Some
 > of that may be available Monday or Tuesday next week.

All very great!  I'll gladly volunteer to transcode and host torrents 
for a while.

 > I only conducted a few interviews in Montreal so this documentation is
 > in no way comprehensive but is hopefully useful for teaching and
 > thinking about where PD has been and where it is going.

You're selling it short -- this is mother's milk for the community.  I'm 
happy to help support its distribution among the community.


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