[PD] Mixing ie how best to use the IN and OUT clip meters?

danomatika danomatika at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 18:10:53 CEST 2009

Howdy all,

I've been having a fight with myself on how to best mix within pd. I'm
constantly going back and forth between:

     1. Keep everything and a lower relative so that the OUT never goes
        above 100 and the CLIP box never goes red.
     2. Follow my ears and make it sound good, ignore the OUT

In practice, following #2 yields much better sounding recordings, at
least to me.  I'm definitely not clipping as there are not aliasing/digi
distortion going on.  Viewing the file in Audacity mere shows the drums
to be the culprit, but as they are so fast, I cant actually hear any

Generally, following #1 gives me good sounding mixes, but at way too low
of a volume.

How do you guys approach doing this?  I notice the IN and OUT meters are
off by default ..., but I assume that's due to performance reasons. :D

I mix everything through separate channels with [vu~]'s using [throw~]
and [catch~] objects which are eventually combined into a left and right
channel which are sent to the [dac~]. Does anyone have any other tricks
such as using scopes etc to help?

Alos, I keep setting the drums too loud over and over again. Yves, how
do I properly use [compressor~], does [compressor~ 1] have it output at
1.0 or what?  I know it works but I don't really understand the -1 to 5
range.  Does anyone have any good, fast tricks in pd for good sounding
drum compression?

Dan Wilcox
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