[PD] [PD-announce] RjDj turns 1.000.000 and 100.000

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Thu Jul 23 20:32:46 CEST 2009

_From the "shameless spam" department_

RjDj turns 1.000.000 and 100.000

July 23rd, 2009

Wow. We just realized that RjDj passed two magic numbers!! RjDj Artists,
Producer, Fans, Freaks, Listeners, Team, Evangelist, Everyone get yourself a
drink and toast to the fact that we now have more than 100.000 scenes
downloaded through the RjDj app which also means that we have officially
surpassed more than 1.000.000 (ONE MILLION) distributed RjDj scenes.

About one year ago we started to do some hacking with a very, very small team
to prove the fact that reactive music is here to stay. In october 10, 2008 we
released the first version of RjDj and now, not even one year later we have
more than one million scenes out there. For the whole team here in RjDj land
this is a huge success. We are so proud about this that the first thing we did
is called our mum and dad to say thanks.

As RjDj scenes technically are Pd (vanilla) patches bundled with additional
resources this is big news for the Pd community. Who would have thought that
there will be one million Pd patches distributed to mobile phones within one
year? So the hugestest THANK YOU goes out to all the Pd patchers out there, to
the hackers attendig the Brazil Convention, that we sadly have to miss due to
bad timing on our side, and of course to Miller Puckette, without whom all this
wouldn't have been started the way it did.

This all really proves that releasing music as software is a very, very
powerful concept. We all have just started to grasp the potential of this and
let me tell you we are really busy pushing the boundaries. We will keep pushing
updates and new features and i hope we will also see amazing new scenes
released on RjDj during the next couple of month. Thanks again to all the
artists, producers, dj's and hackers releasing scenes on RjDj. And of course
thanks to all the listeners, who have managed not only to install a lot of
scenes but also to send us those 20.000 recordings. To celebrate, we just
switched one of the newest scenes from the kids on dsp to free. Go and get it :-)

-- Michael Breidenbruecker and the team of Reality Jockey

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