[PD] Problem about saving a table (for using own waveform)

Derek Holzer derek at umatic.nl
Sun Jul 26 16:41:04 CEST 2009

Do you save the .pd file before you close it? That should work. For 
example, I just created test.pd with an array inside, manually drew into 
the array, saved the patch, closed it and reopened it, and what I drew 
was saved.

Otherwise, how are you writing your own waveform? If it's another kind 
of process, such as using the "sinesum" message, you could [loadbang] 
whatever that process is when the patch opens.


Uluğ Can Kazaz wrote:
>  Hello;
> I have a problem about saving table's array. I'm trying to write my own 
> waveform to use with [tabosc4~] but it doesn't save the waveform on 
> array. I mean when i closed the file and reopened it, there is an empty 
> array. I tried to check "save contents" from properties and it didn't 
> save the array too. What should i do to save the table, or is there any 
> other way i can use a waveform that i drew?   Waiting for suggestions, 
> thanks.

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