[PD] Building PD-extended

fotorebelion fotorebelion at gmail.com
Mon Jul 27 02:46:30 CEST 2009

hello pd'people!

  i am trying to install Pd.extened-41.4 on a debian64 sid (unstable)
kernel 2.6.30-
 i have been looking around and the option of installing 32bit with
ia32lbs an ---force-architecture
 gave me libsasound2 problems..
    so i found a tutorial that explain how two build from source for
64bits..   i have managed to compile the extended libraries.. and run
make install && make packages... here everything gives the ok..  and
then after compiling for a while  it gives me an error saying that i
have a problem with DEBIAN/control file on line 9.. in "depends" field,
that i its missing a packages name or that garbage has been found.. 
  when checking this file.. in the place of dependes it says: xterm,

i dont really understand what the problem is.. can somebody helpme

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