[PD] Mmmore PdCon pics

Marco Donnarumma devel at thesaddj.com
Fri Jul 31 17:11:13 CEST 2009

Hi everybody, finally recovered from Brasil and put online some pics, you
can check it here:


or download them all here:


These are web resolution, if someone wants hi-res just write me.
more pics have to come, but it will be a selection of the views of the city
- no pd nerding.... :)
Great times in there guys, it has been a pleasure to contribute to this
event and meet all of you for real.


Marco Donnarumma aka The !S.A.D!

Multimedia Artist, Live Performer - Roma, IT

LAB: http://www.thesaddj.com | http://www.flxer.net

EVENT: http://www.liveperformersmeeting.net
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