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So sync is where you just want to send it a [bang( at the beginning of each bar. Not the greatest sync mechanism since the bang resets the metro, so if it falls at the same time as a beat, two steps are advanced (I'm working on a mechanism to make sure his doesn't happen). Works great if the two tempos, or divisors (div) are set differently.

But ext is the mode you need for straight synchronisation. You [pass pos] from the right outlet of one sequencer into the next to get a simple synchronisation. ext has to be turned on on the second sequencer.

ext may also be used with [pass pos] -> [trig( to get synchronisation if the start and/or length of each pattern is different. To slip into a polyrhythm from that you can just turn off c_ext while changing the div.

Finally - I found a bug while making the help patch, so here's a new version of trigseq that you should overwrite your new one with. It allows

Here's a section of the new helpfile, to be published in the update later this week. Enjoy!

Happy syncing,

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> ...is da bomb!
> give me some great ideas your stuff is. might get me out of
> a box..
> anyway, trying to decifer you code here for "sync" and
> "ext". just trying to drive it from a master clock. how do
> you recommend here? not sure im gettin it
> sync just take metro bang for example from first inlet
> ext take external midi clock?
> hope your having a good time in rio/sao paulo still!!
> get some rest!!!
> mark
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