[PD] pdj, mxdublin and -schedlib on os x

Si Mills smills at rootsix.net
Wed Aug 5 10:47:19 CEST 2009


For those that don't know what mxdublin is, its a java gui tracker  
sequencer, check this out:
http://www.le-son666.com/software/mxdublin/index.html - its looks  
pretty interesting.

I'm having a few teething troubles getting pdj and mxdublin to work. I  
can get pdj to work the test examples, so I know the whole Java  
connection is cool. The problem seems to be when instantiating [pdj  
mxdublin]. Now it is clearly documented that to run a Swing OSC gui in  
Pd on OS X, one has to reschedule the java gui thread through use of  
the -schedlib startup flag. In the pdj docs, it says there is a bug in  
PD that crashes it on startup, so there is a patch for Pd that the  
author has distributed to remedy this.

Lo and behold, Pd is crashing on startup, so I need to fix this.

What I can't work out is:
a) how to use the *.patch file
a) Does the current latest stable version of Pd-extended 0.41.4 need  
this patch?

Any help much appreciated. This will be way cool (i hope) if I can get  
it working


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