[PD] pd-toolkit first Release

Georg Werner georg at fricklr.de
Tue Aug 11 01:34:42 CEST 2009


with the new possibilities provided by iem_guts (thanks to IOhannes m 
zmoelnig and Luke Iannini) its possible now to do patching with the help 
of keyboard shortcuts. in the last couple days i made an abstraction for 
alignment and connection of objects.
there are so many features that i don't want to explain them here in 
detail. (they are explained inside the abstraction)
as an overview i did a screencast: http://www.fricklr.de
there you can get the abstraction, too. (to get it to work you need 
iem_guts - the sources are at 
this is the first release so please give feedback and ideas to improve.

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