[PD] how to deploy PD in a server?

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Aug 12 17:18:44 CEST 2009


Adityo Pratomo wrote:
> so basically by using [netreceive] and php i can deploy Pd in a server, and
> then people can use their own client (without installing Pd) to play with
> the parameters? Is this what you're trying to say?

it is still unclear to me what you mean by "deploy Pd in a server".
what i was proposing is, that you can run a Pd on the server, and people 
can remote control it.
Pd will still run on the server (for instance in austria), and people 
will sit in front of their clients (for instance in brasil).

it is one thing to get control data from the client to Pd, but it is an 
entire different thing to get data generated by Pd back to the client.

> To light things up, i read that Processing can be deployed as a Java in a
> website, so browser with a Java plugin can actually see the work done with
> Processing. I'm just curious, is this can also be applied in Pd, without
> actually rewrite Pd as a Java code?

now this is something different from what i was talking about.
Pd (or in this case: Processing) is not run on the server, but on the 
client (that's the idea of browser-plugins: downloading applications 
from the net and running them in your local browser).
it is not what i would have thought of "deploying on a server".

Processing has an easy way here, as it already is a java application, 
and java (being engineered with plugins in my mind; and having been 
distributed for "decades") applets can be run by any browser with the 
java plugin installed.

if you want to run Pd as a plugin in the client browser you have 
basically 2 options:
- rewrite Pd in a framework that is already installed on all the client 
machines (e.g. java, or flash); or find someone who already did that
- write your own framework/plugin, make it cross-platform and hope that 
people will have it installed automatically by the end of the decade 
(the last constrained is only here, because you wanted people to not 
have to install anything anymore - if they already have it installed, 
then they don't need to install it again :-))
there are two known attempts to make Pd a browser-plugins (the one from 
upf which hans has pointed you at; and our (iem's) iARS plugin (which is 
not self contained, as it requires people to still have Pd installed on 
their machine)
afaik, both plugins are not maintained for about 5 years :-( so if you 
are lucky you will end up with a very old Pd (well not necessarily with 
iARS as this uses the Pd installed on the system; but still there are 
some dependencies which you might have to upgrade); but more likely you 
will just not find working binaries for the browser of your choice.

and btw, both plugins have not succeeded in being installed by OEM 
manufactures by default)

but it all can be done, so cheerio!


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