[PD] Bizzare problem with freeverb~

Juan I. Rivero mvjuani at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 20:48:27 CEST 2009

> Freeverb~ is not really "passed", it's just that pd relies on the gui
startup latency before connecting to any soundcards, etc.  In -nogui mode,
there's no gui setup and it tries to grab the soundcard too quickly and
failes, at least that's my understanding of the problem.  I noticed this
using -nogui mode and -rt, -alsa in Linux.
> There is a bug report for this, add your info there as there is no mention
of this happening in OSX ...
> To solve, I added a delay before starting the dsp as mentioned by IOhannes
and the bug report (I use 100ms):
> [loadbang]
> |
> [; pd dsp 1<
> in my main patch becomes
> [loadbang]
> |
> [del 100]
> |
> [; pd dsp 1<
> I rely on -nogui, so this was a major problem for me about 2 months ago
when I switched form using pd through Jack to direct alsa. Luckily I found
the aforementioned bug report ...
> As far as I can tell, adding the delay is the current workaround until
some sort of setup latency/ordering fix is added to the pd source ...
> ---
> Dan Wilcox
> danomatika.com
> robotcowboy.com

I don't think the problem in my case is startup latency, since when I run pd
-nogui I can still hear audio (therefore pd does connect to the soundcard),
but I don't hear the audio with the reverb that freeverb~ is suppose to add.
Did not work for me. I've tried different delay times and same thing
happens: freeverb~ does not apply any effect on the audio when I run pd

This looks like a bigger problem to me, maybe related to running Pd from the
command line on Mac OS X (see
http://www.mail-archive.com/pd-list@iem.at/msg27281.html). I believe this
since I also tried running the patch from the command line WITHOUT the
-nogui flag, and the delayed loadbang doesn't start the dsp at all!!! So
maybe it's a bug to be fixed.

Any ideas?

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