[PD] Help with pdj

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sat Aug 15 18:05:09 CEST 2009

sisil mehta hat gesagt: // sisil mehta wrote:

> i think you guys will be best to judge if i explain my application: I have
> to run pd+gridflow and then run the program multiblob-for-gridflow. then
> take the data(centres of the crosses obtained, extent of blob and other
> data) to a java application(whose purpose is to collect this data from pd .)
> The java app is on teh same machine, so how do i use [netsend]?

I think, how to use [netsend] in Pd should be pretty clear, it's described in
the help-file. The trick part then is to make your Java app get the messages
from Pd over a socket connection and interpret the Pd messages. Example code
for dealing with that in other languages like bash, Python or Perl is on
puredata.info (setch for "pdsend.py") and in this lists's archive. I don't know
Java let alone your application, so I cannot help much with that.

Maybe on the Java side, OSC is a bit easier if you use some OSC libraries.


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