[PD] call for translations for new Pd GUI

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at at.or.at
Wed Aug 19 04:57:16 CEST 2009

Now that Miller has started the process of incorporating the new GUI  
code into his repo, it seems that now is a good time to get some more/ 
better translations.  The new GUI has pretty good localization support  
using the standard gettext .PO format (which is then converted to the  
Tcl .msg format).  It uses Tcl's msgcat library to do the actual work  
in the GUI.

So, now's a good time to start contributing.  Fix up the languages  
that are there, or add more languages or even country-specific  
versions of a language.  Here are the files:

I highly recommend using an editor since its easy to make mistakes and  
hard to find them.  There are many good, free ones:

gtranslator - GNOME GNU/Linux
localize - KDE GNU/Linux
LocFactory Editor - Mac OS X
POedit - Windows/Mac OS X/GNU/Linux
emacs po-mode included with gettext

As for the license, I think we should just put them in the public  
domain since it seems too much of a headache to manage the license on  
them, or make it the same license as Pd.



All information should be free.  - the hacker ethic

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