[PD] pd-toolkit first Release

Georg Werner georg at fricklr.de
Wed Aug 19 18:01:59 CEST 2009


thanks for all that positive feedback ... i thought about a new name and 
i chose [kbd_ctrl]. ( http://www.fricklr.de/uploads/kbd_ctrl.pd )
i still would like to know any idea for improvement or new functionality.
@Hans-Christoph: maybe you could include it into pd-extended when 
iemguts is included? (cause i don't have svn access)

PS.: Be careful: i discovered that pd will crash sometimes (most of the 
times if you don't save a patch before closing) if you close a patch 
with [kbd_ctrl] inside. i think this is a bug in iemguts.

dmotd schrieb:
> hi georg, 
> just checked this out proper and the shortcuts are 
> brilliant.. what's the scope on building upon 
> this? i'd love to share in the development if you 
> think there are more areas that the toolkit could 
> cover using iemguts. i'm with hans on the 
> namechange tho, something like [uishrtcts] or 
> [pdfaster]!
> many thanks to iohannes and luke for their work on 
> the iemguts objects, great stuff! and georg your 
> abstraction works a treat (crazy mess!) but its a 
> great usable example of the lib..
> i'll be submitting my iemguts test case soon, but 
> its great to see the potential so well executed!
> cheers,
> dmotd
> Georg Werner wrote:
>> Hi,
>> with the new possibilities provided by iem_guts (thanks to IOhannes m  
>> zmoelnig and Luke Iannini) its possible now to do patching with the help  
>> of keyboard shortcuts. in the last couple days i made an abstraction for  
>> alignment and connection of objects.
>> there are so many features that i don't want to explain them here in  
>> detail. (they are explained inside the abstraction)
>> as an overview i did a screencast: http://www.fricklr.de
>> there you can get the abstraction, too. (to get it to work you need  
>> iem_guts - the sources are at  
>> http://pure-data.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/pure-data/trunk/externals/iem/iemguts/)
>> this is the first release so please give feedback and ideas to improve.
>> cheers
>> georg
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