[PD] call for translations for new Pd GUI

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Wed Aug 19 18:05:51 CEST 2009

On Wed, 19 Aug 2009, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:

> The credits from the DD files were not included since they weren't in a 
> standard format and I was using the gettext tools.  Feel free to add 
> credits to the .po files and commit them (the .msg files are 
> automatically generated from the .po files). Then all the gettext tools 
> and .po editors will keep them.

So you make a mistake in credits, you invite other people to fix it for 

> Right now, what's included is not a lot, like 30-50 words per translation. 
> Those 30-50 words that are the most common software words like File, Edit, 
> Window, Open, Save, Cut, Copy, Paste, Properties, Close, Help, etc.

Yeah, I figured out that you have cut out a lot of words from DD's 
translations. I haven't compared very closely yet.

> You can't claim copyright on translating those words, since there are 
> thousands of other copies of the exact same thing in other apps.

Look, if there are thousands of copies of the exact same thing in other 
apps, then why did you make the Devel branch support exactly the same 17 
languages as the Desiredata branch does? You must have thought of a 
reason... it is not a pure coïncidence.

> You can claim copyright on a complete translation, that's why I started 
> the conversation now.

So, when does a translation start to be complete enough to be 

Do you think you can reach all the past translators by writing to pd-list?

> Now to force it to run using a specific locale, do this on the terminal:
> 1) export LANG=en_CA
> 2) cd 0.41.4/src
> 3) ./pd

Btw, I don't claim that my english.tcl is especially representing en_CA. 
It could be closer to en_GB but I don't know for sure. it could still have 
bits specific to en_US in it.

Also, which language is the "no" code refers to? there isn't even a 
language standard called just "norwegian".

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